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Printing Boarding Passes



Checking baggage

Atlanta, International Terminal Food Court

Delta Flight 200 ATL-JNB

Awaiting Gun Release from SA Police

Ready for 300 km trip north

Reveille was held at 3 AM as we'd scheduled a 4 o'clock scuttle from the motel to the Portland airport.

Surprisingly, the terminal was quite crowed.  However, we got through checking the luggage and two rifle cases, and security, quite efficiently. 

However, both Madame and I, with joint replacements, had to endure a complete pat down by TSA folks.

Flight to Atlanta took just under 5 hours, 45 minutes ahead of schedule because of a 75 mph tail wind.

Now, our layover in Atlanta was 6 hours before a scheduled departure of 7:20 pm on a Boeing 777-200LR, for a 15 hr. 50 min. flight to Johannesburg, ugh!

Boarded Delta Flt. 200 at 6:30 PM, finding the fellow behind me, and another across the isle, both on hunting trips, one to the Kalari in Botswana, and the other to Kimberly, the area of diamond fame.  Both have hunted in the region previously.  One of the fellow's wife is an Antropoligst who has lived among the Bushman of the Kalari desert.

Pushed back from the gate at 7:25, and after an engine warm up sequence, lifted of on runway 9L at 7:51.  Now, a flight of almost 8,000 miles over the Atlantic on two engines.

On lift off we were advised of an anticipated flight time of 14 hrs. 48 min.  We touched down exactly 15 hours later.

Meeting us at Jo'burg were Maurizio's sister-in-law, Paula and her son Allesandro.

It took 2 hours to gain clearance for the four guns and ammo.  Then it was a 4 hour drive to gain our game farm arriving at 11:30 PM.  Quite a trying two days of travel.


Now, tomorrow, we begin by sighting in the rifles.

Bon soir

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