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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY!!! Woke up this morning a little later than normal and a little more cloudy headed! While Kelsey was still in bed (but totally knew something was going on – its very hard to be sly in a campervan!!) we put up a birthday banner on the van and covered her chair in balloons! After brekkie we took a camper shower (hot water from the kettle inside our neighbours linda and grahams ‘ensuite tent’ hehe. We then headed into rainbow beach for an amazing birthday lunch at the Shak Cafe. I had flat head fish and chips, pete had a burger and the girls had steak sandwiches which looked awesome! We then went to use our free internet (not macdonalds this time!!! We got bands from mark and denise to use in the local travel agents) and booked all our hostels and buses for the Gold Coast. I went and bought my shot glass! Then we went to the bakery and treated ourselves to some cake – i had the most incredible blueberry turnover! I didn’t even need any dinner!! We filled up on water – Kelsey got to make her birthday calls and tracey phoned home too.

We were then treated to a spectacular sunset on our way home. We had left our camping chairs in our spot to save it and they did an excellent job! Kelsey and tracey treated themselves to pizza, pete had noodles and i still wasn’t hungry! We then went over to join the couple next door and their friends who were lovely. Graham was English and linda was Scottish originally but their parents emigrated. Pete and I disappeared from the circle to go and get kelseys birthday cake! We even had candles which we lit off the gas stove! So round a fire on rainbow beach with some lovely ozzy folk Kelsey got to blow out her birthday candles wearing her birthdat hat the cannons had given her! Everyone had a piece of cake (chocolate of course!) and a good chat about anything and everything as campfire chat usually goes with the odd interruption of some nature spotting where we saw two possums!

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