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Is this the right boat?

Boats in the harbor at Bayfield, WI.

A beautiful day to sail.

Island Princess Cruise ship

How did John get this picture?

One of the lighthouses on the cruise.

We have a windblown look!

Small marina on Lake Superior.

A shop in Bayfield.

Another shop in Bayfield.

Two monkies?

Tourists in Bayfield, WI.

Lunch at Morty's Bar.

Fresh whitefish from Lake Superior.

Street decoration in Bayfield, WI.

Would like to try the smoked fish.

A house in Bayfield.

Other housing in Bayfield.

A view of Lake Superior from local golf course.

Golfer waits for me to take the picture.

Want some fresh blueberries!

A beautiful morning for a cruise. We hurried into Bayfield to get our tickets for the Apostle Island Cruise Service, leaving at 10:00 am and returning at 1:15 pm. We rode on the Island Princess cruise ship, seated on the lower level, protected from the sun and wind. The cruise included seven of the 22 islands, featuring several lighthouses. The pilot provided some history of the islands, noting that the origin of the name Apostle Islands has been lost. Several islands still have lighthouses. The Raspberry Lighthouse has been restored to its original state and is a popular site for visitors who wish to venture there. The Devil's Island has some interesting caves along the sides, formed by waves washing against the island. We saw several sea gulls and other water fowl. We also saw several kayakers on the huge lake. Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, stretching about 350 miles from one end to the other. After the cruise, we walked around the little town of Bayfield. We were hungry and a sign announcing fresh whitefish at Morty's Bar caught our eye. We decided to have their whitefish basket of fried fish, French fries, and slaw. Hmmm...we could teach these midwesterners something about Southern slaw. Afterwards, we continued our walk about town and picked up a few grocery items at a small IGA store. After storing them in the Roadtrek, we visited the Heritage Museum and learned about the great 1942 flood that nearly wiped out the town. We had seen a sign for fresh blueberries and rode out to the Blue Vista Farm for some, but they were closed on Tuesday. Shucks! We then drove up to the local golf course for another view of Lake Superior.

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