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Little Norway, located off Hwy. 18/151.

Office and gift shop.

Tour guide, Max.

Do you know what these are? Bog shoes for horses.

Cattle barn.

Spring house.


Hand-carved wooden spoons.

Vintage dresses.

A storage building.

Sally asks Max a question.

Photo of Edvard Grieg and other composers.

Nine-string fiddle.

A 12th-century style Stavkirke (Norwegian church).

Reflection of church in the pond.

Beautiful day for the visit.

Sign for the Cave of the Mounds.

Entry gate.

Signage for an inn.

Yard art at the House on the Rock.

Infinity Room in the House on the Rock.

Nice view outside.

A sitting area outside the House on the Rock.

Peacock yard art.

Alex Jordan quote.

An outside view of one small area of house.

Winery on our route.

Another working windmill farm.

Rest areas are always welcome!

Cranberry storage building?

Pittsville, not Pittsboro, in Wisconsin.

See the Roadtrek behind the sign?

We left Madison on Sunday, heading west on US Hwy. 18/151. We saw a sign for Little Norway, a site on the National Register of Historic Places, and decided to check it out. It featured The Norway building, a Christian Norwegian Church patterned after a 12th century Stavkirke. It was built for the Chicago World Fair 100 years ago and later moved to this site in Wisconsin. Little Norway is located about 30 miles west of Madison, WI. We agreed to take the tour and our guide, Max, explained much of the history of Little Norway and many customs of that country. One of the prize possessions of the Stavkirke is an original musical manuscript handwritten by Edvard Grieg, a famous Norwegian composer. Max said that the owner of Little Norway had been offered 100 million dollars for the piece, but would not sell. He added that two kings of Norway had visited the little village. After spending two hours there, we headed on to Spring Green, WI, to see The House on the Rock. We had heard several folks at the FMCA rally mention this place and we decided to visit. What a weird place! The unusual architecture of the house was the idea of Alex Jordan, who built this house on the rock. It is unlike any other place in the world. He also obtained an immense collection of exotic displays with each room leading to the next. It took us three hours to get through it all, and even then, we did not linger along the way. One could spend many hours inspecting the house and the many collections. Whew! We were glad to get out of the dark, strange place! We headed on down the road and stopped at Burr Oak Winery in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, where we purchased two of their red wines. After fueling the Roadtrek in Oakdale, WI, it was back on the road. We saw a sign about cranberries and soon passed a huge building with Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., on the side. The Ocean Spray headquarters was nearby. We looked for what we would think would be cranberry fields but did not find them. We agreed to do some research into how cranberries are grown and harvested. On Hwy. 80, we drove into a little town known as Pittsville, WI. Their proud signage said the town was located in the exact center of the state. We often claim that Pittsboro, NC, is located very near the center of North Carolina. Had to stop and take a picture. Finding no campground near where we were ready to spend the night, we dry camped at the Walmart in Marshfield, WI, and ate supper at the local Applebee's Restaurant.

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