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First sunset

Sipping beer and wine on a boat in the middle of the...

The gorgeous Whitehaven Beach



Jen and I on Whitehaven

Piggie-backs in the sea!

Look how white the sand is!

A little island off Whitehaven beach

Just love the colour of the sea!

Look at the sand!!

The red one is our catermeran - Tongarra

Me snorkelling

Looking so sexy in my stinger suit!!

Sunset on night 2

Love it!

On the deck

Sleeping on deck, looking up at the stars!

Back in Airlie Beach Marina

Our Tongarra!

Sinead and Natalie on our night out after the sailing trip

Jen and I

The disgusting shot (aparantly 75% proof!?!)

The Irish girls

Me and the Geordie lads

Ready to get the Reefos' bus into town!

Sunday 12th June:

We arrived in Airlie in the morning, after a horrible loooooonnnngg over night bus journey. So we had a sleep in the hostel when we checked in and then went to check out the town.

We bought some pasta etc to cook for dinner and got back to the hostel and realised that the kitchen facilities were rubbish and we couldn't even get a pan to cook our pasta, so we had the sauce on toast instead!!

We then just packed for our Whitsundays trip and got a nice early night.

Monday 13th:

We boarded our catermeran, called Tongarra, at midday and set off on our way to the Whitsundays. It was a glorious day, so everyone was just sunbathing on deck.

After dinner that night we had a few drinks and some games with some Giordie lads and irish girls.

The stars were AMAZING and I saw my first shooting star! Very magical!

I slept below deck that night in the tiniest cramped cabin. It was ok until i woke up sweating and feeling dizzy because someone had shut the door AND the hatch above, so there was no air getting in!! I started to panic a bit and got someone to open them up! I just had visions of running out of air in the middle of the night! Not nice!

Tues 14th:

After a yummy museli, fruit and toast breakfast we took a smaller boat over to Whitsunday island and took a bush walk to a lookout point to view Whitehaven beach from above. I take it you've seen the photos - it's beautiful, isn't it!?

We then walked down to the beach itself and walked along the sand for a bit and played in the sea (not for too long though, as we were scared of the jellyfish!).

We had enough time for a quick sunbathe and then it was time to head back to the boat for lunch.

Later that afternoon we stopped at a place for some snorkelling. It was ok but the sun wasn't out, so it could have been better. Everyone looked 'dashing' in their stinger suits! I saw some really cool fish, but no turtles unfortunately. (We did see some turltes popping their heads out of the water while we were on the boat though, which was very cute!!) Took quite a few photos on an underwater camera but will have to wait til I'm home to see what they look like! Saved half the film for Asia as i'm sure the snorkelling is gonna be better there, and i'm gonna do my Padi dive course in Koh Tao!! Can't wait!

That night we had a giggle on deck with the girls and guys we'd met. One of the Irish girls jumped in the water to swim with the phospherus (or whatever it's called). Some plankton that glows when it's disturbed. It was amazing to see! I can't really describe it and it wouldn't come out on photos.

I slept on deck that night, looking up at the stars, and didn't close my eyes to fall asleep until i'd seen one last shooting star!! :o)

Weds 15th:

After breakfast I got towed behind the catermeran holding onto a rubber ring attached to a rope! It was really good fun, especially when they went fast! There were 4 of us holding onto it at once and we were doing chains, where we held onto the person's legs in front of us! he he

We got back to Airlie Beach in the afternoon. That night we went out for dinner with our group and then went into town for a boogie!!

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