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Sat. 8/6 Today is Tina & Jerrod's wedding, our plans were to leave by 10am, Kathleen was going to ride with us so we could visit & Chad had agreed to drive alone. Long story short, Kathleen wasn't feeling well & given the fact that she was leaving the wedding for a 6 day back packing trip she decided to go to the ER - Chad dropped her off & I met her there (Bob stayed in the car). We arrived about 10:40am - she was having allot of pain in her gall bladder area - after several tests, including a sonogram they felt sure she wasn't in any life threatening situation, but did see a very small gall stone that they felt was the problem. We left there at 3 pm & headed straight for Los Gatos, got to our hotel about 5:20, quickly changed to wedding clothes & off we went to the wedding. Arrived just in time to see Tom walk Tina down the isle. What a beautiful bride! and a beautiful place to hold a wedding - a private home in Saratoga - Spanish style with just beautiful grounds. Good time was had by all!!!

Sun. 8/7 Late night last night - maybe even abit too much to drink! A bunch of us, including the Bride & Groom went to the bar of the lodge where everyone (but us) was staying - (I messed up & made our reservations for the Los Gatos Motor Inn instead of the Los Gatos Lodge - they are across the street from each other). We (Chad, Kathleen & I) walked back to our rooms about 1:30 (Bob left earlier)Los Gatos Inn is a motel that is being remodeled, our cars were parked in dusty, dirt & we had to truck across dusty, dirt & climb stairs to our room - long story short we got moved to the Los Gatos Lodge for less money!!!! Went to breakfast with Kathleen & Chad at The Diner of Los Gatos, while at breakfast sister Carole arrived. Thank goodness for cell phones, she called when in the vicinity & found us with no trouble. Visited abit more with Kathleen & Chad before they left about 1 to head on their 6 day hike (doing the Benson Loop on the south side of Yosemite), they had a 5-6 hour drive to get to the place where they get their permit. Kathleen cried when she said goodbye which, of course, brought tears to my eyes too! Wish they could of stayed one more night but they really needed to get going - wish we'd planned better with our days together, the hardest part for her to leave was because she knew we were still going to be around! Bob, Carole & I went back to the Lodge to see if our rooms were ready, which they weren't, but we went to Gloria & Tom's room & visited with them awhile. They needed to go back to the house where the wedding was to pick up left over wine, etc., we tagged along so Carole could see the place. We stayed & visited with the owner awhile, he showed us around abit & filled us in on allot of the history - very interesting and so glad Carole got to see it - being Spanish/Mexican style and all. Finally got settled in our rooms, which have nice patios facing the pool/courtyards. Visited awhile before going to dinner at Steamers Grill House - very pleasant, sat outside & the food was excellent! I love it when we get a good meal for our money!!!

Monday 8/7 Went to breakfast at the same place as yesterday (good food) & then we said our good-byes to Carole & we headed back to Windsor. Once home, called Becky & we decided to just order Mary's to be delivered & she came over. All were very tired from our weekend activities so we called it an early night.

Tues. 8/9 Spent the day doing laundry & repacking before going to Mike Hanly's for dinner party with Rado's, Gerbec's, Gloria & Tom, Jerry & Joan, Lois & Mike. He made Salmon Puff Pastry & Chocolate Souffles - GREAT DINNER with GREAT FRIENDS

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