Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

S.S. Badger from MI to WI

Use to be a train car transporter

Lucy ready to go

Lucy waiting in line to be loaded

3 bells - Lucy Arriving

Lucy's travel compartment

Just in case

Beauty of the Lake

Lighthouse MI

Lighthouse, WI

Arriving in Wisconsin

3 bells - Lucy Departing Welcome to WI

Coal supply for S.S. Badger in Wisconsin

Dinner with Sharon in Oshkosh, WI

If I say liberal, I also say Wisconsin

The beer was good at dinnertime.

We awakened to an alarm clock to make sure we made it to the dock by 7:30 AM. Thank goodness it was only 10 minutes from the campground & they served breakfast on board. What a surprise as to the size of the S.S. Badger really Big. It originallyally built by as a train car transporter in the '50s, the S.S. Badger was almost scrapped in the later part of the 20th century, but was resurrected to be a auto/Truck/motorcycle/RV ferry system between Ludington, MI & Manitowoc, WI from May through October each year. It is 410' long carries up to 600 passengers & 180 vehicles during a 4 hour trip. It is an extention of Route 10, from MI to WI. John "C" was allowed to stay in Lucy during the trip but us humans had to walk on. There are private cabins for hire, quiet rooms for reading, Movie theaters for recent releases and at least 2 cafeterias, gift shop and an elongated penny machine. We arrived timely and made our way to Sharon's house in Oshkosh. Sharon is a great host and I think Cindy is very happy to see our "neighbor" again. I am truly impressed with Oshkosh. Great parks, walking trails, a beautiful downtown area and sits between 2 nice sized lakes. We had a great dinner at a water side restaurant and the menu was really great for all to enjoy the fare. We will be lighthouse hunting on Sunday A reminder to all, our grandson Drew's birthday is Sunday the 14th so wish him a happy birthday, he is now 7 and will be going into 2nd grade and he just signed up for soccer and flag football.

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