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So on Tuesday 2nd August, the 40 foot container arrived, and we watched our worldly goods being packed into a metal box. It is quite an odd feeling as you realise that your life can be boxed up and moved around the world with ease.

The guys did a great job (although we reserve the right to amend that until we see our goods arrive at this end) but during the 4 days it took to pack, if you put anything down without a "Do Not Pack" sticker on it, then it disappeared into a cardboard box. This meant that all of our travel adapters took an excursion into a box, and we then had a fun game of hunt the adapter.

Aside from the stuff we were taking on the aircraft, we could air-freight another 20 or so boxes, the question is what do you put in there. We went for all the kids Wii games and assorted DVDS, as well as extra clothes, books, games etc. and a couple of bikes.

Another fun game is taking the batteries out of anything that is being air-freighted - govt regulations - and there are batteries in all sorts of things (like Wii consoles) that mean many electrical items are banned.

The lorry departed for Tilbury at about 5pm and then the guys loaded the 22 boxes that were being air-freighted into their lorry and we loaded our 7 suitcases and 7 bits of hand luggage into our limo and attached trailer. We then headed of to Heathrow, for a night in a hotel and our last on English soil for a while.

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