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Panama City was certainly a great place to end my two month GAP tour. This city is quite picturesque and has a very lively night life. My first night here was spent with the group just going out on the town and I can certainly say that it was fun. I also had the opportunity to view the well-known Panama Canal and I was really amazed as to how impressive this structure is. The Panama Canal is 77km ship canal that joins the Atlantic and the Pacific together. It was built between 1904 and 1914 and was (and still is) quite the engineering feat. Ships are literally raised and lowered (depending on their direction) very quickly in large sections of the canal between locks which are giant metal gates. I was able to witness one of the ships pass by a section of the canal and it was really amazing. The ship was fairly large and was lower to the point where you could barely see the top of the ship. Pictures of Panama City and the Panama Canal can be found here.

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