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Following the Thompson River in terrain that resembles Az.

That wall of the river is a national hwy.

Thompson river before it runs into the Fraser River.

There is a RR down both sides of the Fraser.

The river gets bigger and deeper.

Sugar wants to know what we are looking at. The vista is...

The road ahead and the second train on our side of the...

Parking lot at Hells Gate.

Tramway entrance.

A view from the Gondola.






Downstream on the Fraser River.

Upstream. The river is 246' deep at this point.

Tourist on the bridge.

A little breezy on the bridge.

Train through the tunnel at the bottom of the canyon.

Bear sculpture in mezzanine area.

RR chefs stove is haunted. See next pic.

Stove explanation.

The suspension bridge

A tourist using the props provided.

Headed down the road.

We passed thru 7 of these today.

Aview of the mt's or what you can see of them.

The Fraser is one large river

Downtown Hope.

The US border. We are back in the lower 48.

Gophie sees another state.

Today we headed to Bellingham WA. We were under the impression it would just be a day of drivng.

We left Cache Creek and drove along the Thompson River famous for white water rafting and steelhead fishing. The Thompson River Canyon is a winding narrow uphill and downhill drive. There were a couple construction areas. The views were awesome. You follow the river through the canyon along with the trains on the hillside adding to the scenery.

At the town of Spences Bridge the Thompson River continues until it meets up with the Frasier River. The rivers are wide, deep, fast and very picturesque. We stopped at Hell's Gate to see if we would be invited in. Turns out for $36.00 we could get a round trip ticket to Hell's Gate. Hell's Gate has 2 trams that take visitors down 500 ft across the river to a cafe, shop, education center, gold panning and a suspension bridge over the canyon. It was very windy on the bridge. Gives you a good excuse for having a bad hair day. We were glad we went down and checked it out. Also, glad they returned us to the top.

Once we got back on the road the winding narrow parts were behind us. We drove through a series of seven tunnels. Actually drove on a freeway from Hope to Abbottsford.

We had no problem going through the border. They asked for our passports and MH registration. Since AZ does not have a front license plate they need to see it. We were asked what we bought in Canada, if we had over $10,000, or any firearms. Then he got serious and wanted to know if we had apples or fresh fruit we bought in Canada. The process took about 4 minutes and we were on our way.

We are staying in Belllingham RV Park for the next couple nights. Going to get the car and RV washed....again! Tires are getting rotated on both the MH and car. It will be a day of chores.

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