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Friday 5th

Drive down to Jens Dads place and wait for Karin to arrive. Today the plan is to head over to Denmark for a look around and buy some more cheap booze. Annie and her boyfriend Andreas (Andy) are also keen so we have to take 2 cars and arrange to meet at Helsingborg where the ferry leaves from. I was kinda happy about that as I had visions of being in the car with Jens dad and Karin and them chain smoking in the front……

These are big massive boats once again similar the ones that we went on with Marie and Michael to the Border shop on with shops, restaurant cafes etc, but this time we aren’t taking the cars on.

We get across to the other side which only takes about 20-30mins and there are just market stands, a few shops and small shopping centre. We didn’t stay there very long, Jen suggested grabbing some lunch and a drink somewhere but her dad isn’t all that financial at the moment after only just starting a new job recently and having to buy a car (and we had already paid for his ticket for the ferry). We wandered for about an hour and had seen pretty much everything the port had to offer so jumped back on the boat to head back. I bought another carton of duty free beer on there (and a snickers as I was bloody starving- Jen and I both hadn’t eaten as we thought we were going to Denmark for lunch!)

Mats and Karin offer to cook us dinner so we all head back there for spag bol. Annie informs us there is a band playing at the Yacht club in town so after tea we go back to Annie’s and Andy’s and get ready for a night out. Annie’s friend is preggas so she offers to drive us there and the place is pretty packed. In the line to grab drinks we meet a girl who is ½ Aussie and so we made friends with those guys and spent half the night chatting to them. I tried to do the gentlemanly thing and go get Jen a Cider but the woman behind the counter doesn’t understand and gives me a soda…. After a couple minutes trying to explain cider not soda she gives up and gives me the money back so jenny has to get her own.

We stayed there till the band finishes and head into the town to a bar called Sir Henrys. Annie has already left at this stage with her friend (headache apparently) but we still have Andy with us but he doesn’t talk a great deal. Andy and I get stopped at the door and accused of being too drunk. I explain to the bouncer that I clearly am not drund and just enjoying a few bevies on my last weekend in Sweden. After what Jen says was 30 mins of negotiations I wore him down and he let us in. Not long after getting in Andy needs to go home as he isn’t feeling too well but we stay out still with some English speaking people till the lights come on at 3am. Next challenge as always is to find food at this time…….who better to ask than the police sitting out watching all the drunks leaving the pub. They were quite helpful and told me about a place on the other side of town but refused to give me a lift there.

We eventually get home to Annie’s and Andy’s and we heard noises coming from upstairs which wasn’t English or Swedish so I went up stairs to investigate only to find Andy driving the porcelain bus the poor bugger. Night over.

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