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Tuesday 2nd

We get up and Marie and Michael have already left for work. The plan for today is to get Jenny’s furniture and other items that her mum has had in storage for her to either get rid of or to sell. The stuff is all in Landskroner but we need the address and a key to get in and the only people that have keys are her sister (who we still haven’t seen yet –Annie) and her Mum. Where things get a little strange is Jen tries calling her mum – no answer and then sends a message- once again no answer, so we assume her mum is at work. Jenny then tries calling her sister who answers and informs her that Mum is with her and that the two of them have been in the storage unit already that day. Jen lets Annie know that we are coming to sort out her gear and that Michael will be coming with a truck after he finishes work to collect it all.

We get down there and her mum who still hasn’t returned either the phone call or the text (and knew we were on our way down) has left. I would have thought that she would have stayed to both catch up with Jenny and to help, after all we have only seen her twice since we have been here and only for a quick dinner each time…….

With the help from Annie and her boyfriend Andreas we get all the gear out and loaded into the truck and Michael takes it back to their place so Jen can sort out what is going to the tip and what is to be sold. Before we leave we go and drop in to Jens dads place and grab some of the drinks that we left there. We also got to see Annie’s new apartment that her and Andreas are just moving into. What they do over here with rental apartments is that each year a certain percentage of the rent goes into a fund that the tenants can use on updating and renovating the unit and although Annie is just moving in, there is apparently over 60,000 that is in this fund for reno’s and improvements so they are rather excited about that.

We get back to Marie and Michaels and Jen has quite a big task of sorting out everything in all of the boxes. I tried to help but I really don’t know what she wants to keep and what to get rid off but find some of her old year books that keep me amused for quite a while. I wish I kept one to bring back and show you all cos school photos are nowhere near as serious as when I was at school. There is people wearing sunnies and girls wearing sailing hats, people giving the finger etc. There was one where three of the boys in the front row are holding up a banner that said “men in black” and another saying “don’t F with us” and this is all in the class photos with the teacher and everything. If you pulled anything like that at woodcraft college you would have been on detention or suspended and possibly expelled!

Jen finally gets through it all which is a good thing as she is getting annoyed at me laughing at photos she had and stuff that she kept. Even found a letter from an ex but as hard as I tried I still can’t read Swedish. Head inside, have dinner and I watch TV while she goes through the last couple boxes. Marie is keen to try one of the liqueurs that she has so Michael brings out one of his single malts for him and I to sample. I don’t usually do this thing straight up but it was actually not too bad just on ice (usually I “ruin” it by adding coke). And that pretty much concludes another day in Sweden.

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