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White Pass RR just out of Skagway.

Followed it all the way to White Pass.

Bridge at White Pass.

Over 300' deep canyon. No place to stop.

Looking back.

Terrain changed once we got into Canada. They call it subalpine landscape.

Skagway River Gorge

Train at the Alaska/BC border.

Canadian border checkpoint from BC.

The north end of the lake from the border.

This Windy Arm Lake goes on forever.

And ever.

And ever

Island where the two lakes meet.

Nares Lake

Remanants of an old dredge.

Town of Carcross ahead.

Church in Carcross BC.

Carcross BC.

Retirement home.

Meeting point of the north & south RR's.

Longest operating trading post in BC.

Cabin on the river.

RR bridge in Carcross.

Lake Bennett north from town with walking bridge.

Carcross across the river (need for a walking bridge).

Town sign.

Tagish River.

Start of Cassiar Hwy (OMG)

It does not get any wider.

Beaver Dam rest area. Our home for the night.

Map of the road. Some parts are gravel.

It was a driving day. However, we managed to have the camera in hand. Spent hours driving and still took 60 some pictures. We edited them for the blog.

The train was leaving Skagway the same time we did. We would make stops and get pictures as it caught up with us. That would be a very pretty train ride to take. We also followed a few tour buses out of town.

Crossing the Canadian Boarder was not a problem. They didn't even look at our passports this time. The train was there and a couple tour buses so they pushed up through.

We took Hwy 8 from Carcross over to the Alaskan Hwy. This part of the Alaskan Hwy we were on when we came up, so no pictures until we turn south on the Cassiar Hwy. It is a ineresting road to say the least. Very narrow with no shoulders or striping. There was lots of curves with up and down grade areas.

We boondocked in a rest area at Boya Lake. The rest area was full by the time we went to bed. Fun to talk to fellow travelers. We drove 380 miles today.

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