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Park Office

Typical Sites Around The Park

View Out Our Rear Window!!!!

Sites Across The Road From Our Site

Showers & Restrooms

View Of The Lake From In Front Of Owner's House

This Lake View From In Front Of The Shower/Restroom Bldg.

Our Row Of Sites.......4 Total In This Row; Only 3 Filled Tonight

Our Site #28

Where We Ate Supper On Main Street Downtown

A Very Large & Good Mural Seen Downtown Iron River When We...

From Top O’ The Morn Resort & Campground – Iron River, WI

Well we have sorta been “couch potatoes” since ending the GRR trip and doing the day in Bemidji! To be honest, that four month trip wore us out. Seemed we had so much to see and at times only a few days in an area to get it accomplished that we were constantly on the go during the days and then posting what we did and saw late into the night. We are very glad we did the trip, but if we had the chance to do it again looking in the rear view mirror, we would have allowed even more than the four months especially for the first three months of the trip; the farther south there is a lot more associated with the river than once you get farther north. But hey we have completed it and now have some exceptional memories and new knowledge of America’s River.

Today we moved toward our next destination of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are spending just one night on our way and it is here in Iron River, WI at a park that is like most we have encountered since reaching the northern end of our trip………….trying to make 12 months income in just 6 months’ time with outrageous prices for the short term visitor….daily or weekly! Oh and if the word resort is in the name then expect ¾ or more of the park to be occupied by “seasonal” residents! Our one night stay is $40.16 and you be the judge if the park’s appeal warrants this high dollar value; except for the photos of the lake which is only seen by walking there as it is situated more for the office and owner’s house to enjoy than the “paying guests” sites.

Another bug that has come up is that as of late last night the fan on the main AC unit will not turn on. Actually earlier in the week the fan would not turn on if AC was set on AUTO mode but if we turned the fan “ON” constantly then it would keep turning until last night that is! Rudy had already arranged for a mobile RV tech to come out at our next stop thinking the problem was in the thermostat but now that scenario is probably wrong and it would be either the “mother board” or a complete new AC unit needed to fix the problem. So will take the rig to an RV dealer at our next stop and let them tell us how many $$$$$ it will take to cool the entire trailer and not just play freeze out in the bedroom in order to get it a few degrees cooler in the kitchen/living area.

Well now you are up to date with what has been transpiring with the Hingsts since our last post. Even with all the “grumbling” overtones coming from above, we love this lifestyle and would not trade it for anything! Stay tuned for the resolution of the AC dilemma and what we hope are some wonderful finds in our explorations of the UP of Michigan.

Till Later………………

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