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Monday 1st

Woken by a work phone call at 7:30 but all good as it allowed me to get some work emails etc sorted. I let jen sleep till about 9:50 when we realized the breakfast finishes at 10 so we fly down and eat. Our flights back to Copenhagen are booked for 1:30 and being an international flight are meant to be there 2 hours before and we still needed to pack, check out and catch a train to the station! We were lucky enough to miss the first train which was a blessing as the next one to come through was an express. The train station at the air port is the opposite end to the terminal we need to be at so we ended up getting there at just after 12 and a little panicked that we are too late for check in. Luckily it wasn’t an issue and we get on all fine and Michael is good to us and pick us up from Copenhagen and drive us back to their place. Jen is a little worried as she has so much left to do here but only days left to do it but I’m sure it will be fine.

We have pizza for tea and a few drinks and jen shows Marie and Michael all of our travel pictures from London and France before we head to bed again at about 10.

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