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Sunday 31st

Early start today as we want to be at Disneyland as soon as it opens. We were up, dressed and at the train station by 9. We pretty much just follow the crowd as Disneyland is the last stop so that’s where everyone is headed. I’m scared of having to line up but with the tickets we had we could pretty much walk straight in. they give us a map and we notice there is a train that goes all the way around the outside and so we thought that would be a good idea so we can see everything first up. We had to line up for almost an hour as there is only one train and even when we were on it you couldn’t see anything as the line was lined with trees. It was pretty much a train to take you to different parts of Disneyland but not to see anything. We go all the way round and back to the start and get off and start wandering around. We were in the right place at the right time to see the Tarzan show which was very cirque du soleil like and was quite good with the costumes and stunts and getting the kids involved. From there we jumped on a couple of rides but these are nothing like Liseburg as they are more for the kids- on the bright side though is that I managed to get Jen on all of them including a haunted house ride! The lines for these rides all vary from 15mins to 45 mins but they do it quite well as quite often you are inside and as you head down the line there is displays and stuff to distract you. The thing that killed it for me was the queue jumpers. There was one Asian woman and she tried for ages to get past me and she finally did and then past about half a dozen more people and as the line came back on itself she would get her children to join her. In the end you just have to laugh though cos we all ended up together in the same ride anyway just that she pissed off everyone else there.

There was a star wars ride so I was sure to take a few pics of R2D2 and C3PO and Chewbacca for Dave at work. The ride was really well done as it was a roller coaster simulator. You were looking at a screen and so you are zooming through space past stars, planets, meteors etc and as the “space ship” turns a corner you did too on the roller coaster so you were still experiencing the speed and corners etc on your body.

As we kept wandering we came across a few characters like the 7 dwarfs and Donald and Pluto and the princesses and Jen managed to get a few pics with some of them but obviously there were kids everywhere whenever they make an appearance.

We leave Disneyland at 6 cos we have to catch a train back to the hotel, shower and change and train it back to meet the night tour bus by 8:45pm. We manage to do it all and with 20 mins to spare so we pop into the pub across the road for a quick tapas and drink. The tour was ok but any pics that were taken had to be taken through the busses windows so not so great. We arrive for the Moulin Rouge at 11pm and the lineup is at least 100m! I trying to work out how all these people will all fit inside! Everyone is all dressed up for a big night, I’ve heard about this place but to be honest I’m not sure what all the fuss is about over a few can can girls….. As we get in all cameras are taken off us and shown to our seats. We got great seats right by the side of the stage on the first level at the same height as the stage and then the first act comes out…..OMG boobies everywhere!! They are singing etc in French but I think it took me 15mins to notice. Apparently there is some sort of story line but I can’t work it out but it doesn’t really matter as the show was still impressive. At one point a glass walled pool rose out of the floor and one of the girls was swimming around in there with 3 big snakes. The in between acts were good too with a juggler that was amazing and a man balancing a woman and the strength involved was just unbelievable. All in all a great night out and by the time our bus dropped us back to the hotel it was about 2am.

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