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Saturday 30th

We decide the best way to get our bearings of what is where in relation to where we are is to jump on one of the tour busses around the city and so we ask our receptionist where to find them. We head down and find one but they guy recommends that we go with the other company that is the next street over (weird). Anyway we head over there and they have a deal that you have one day of their “hop on- hop off” tours and book tickets to Disneyland tickets for 60 euro all up. We decide to do that and they take us all over the city seeing all the sites such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they weren’t that impressed and that they thought it was bigger etc but I thought it was good. It was actually the tallest structure until the Chrysler building was built in America. You can ride all the way up it in a lift but we were just happy to see it. It also takes us to the main shopping street where we get off and have a wander around. They have everything along this strip including Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vitton, etc and even car manufacturers have shops but more like display rooms. We went into the Citron one and took a few pics for the old man and I was most impressed. It ended up being like 6 stories high and each floor had a car suspended at each level for you to look at, even a few concept cars etc. Wandered down a bit further and came across a big line up of people which entriges me cos whatever it is must be good and what am I missing out on. This line up ended up being a line just to get into the Abercrombie and Fitch store! Bugger that, no shop is worth lining up for! By this stage jen is busting (again) but rather than pay to use a bathroom we find a bar and buy drinks and use theirs. Found a cool drinks bar called unisex that played cool tunes and looked funky but damn, the drinks are expensive here! 22 euro for 2 drinks- the bathroom was going to cost 2 euro but at least I got a beer in :)

We jump back onto one of the tour busses and ride it back to our hotel, shower and get changed. We want to go see the Eiffel Tower all lit up. Head towards the train station but decide we can’t be bothered trying to work them out tonight so just cab it instead and only ended up costing about 15 euro (cheaper than 2 drinks!). There are so many people out and about and it really looks quite nice and we took a heap of photos. We tried to do a dinner cruise along the river but at 11:30pm they had all stopped serving but we did find a restaurant that was still serving and had a good steak. The meal sizes are all so much smaller here. At home steak sizes start at 300g whereas here they start at 190g and a big one is 250g. After dinner we call it a night and just cab it home and get in about 1am. We had a chat to our receptionist about booking tickets to Moulin Rouge but it’s quite expensive and there is none of the cheap tickets left (107euro) only the more expensive ones that include ½ bottle of champagne. Decided to have a think about it and head up to the room and went through all the flyers etc that we picked up during the day. We actually found one and for 109 Euros you get a 2 hour tour if France at night and tickets to the 11pm Moulin Rouge show! I went to check if our receptionist can book these tickets for us. He could but same thing again- none of the cheap tickets only ones inc. the champagne so we booked them, besides, you’re only here once right…. Anyway- off to bed, big day tomorrow with Disneyland and Moulin Rouge.

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