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With Peggy still 42 working days from retirement I've had more time to think and plan than she has. But today she had a doctor's appointment (have to get those last minute medical things checked out under the old insurance) and had decided to take the entire day off instead of just the time for the appointment.

I have had some time to go RV shopping lately, and I wanted her to have a chance to do the same. So, we headed South of Milwaukee to Sturtevant to Burlington RV, to check out their inventory.

My dear wife is a simple person; meaning she doesn't like things complicated or huge. She likes life on her scale. We looked at some 5'ers, some Class C's, and some Class A's. I had been there earlier in the week and found a short little Sunseeker that I knew she would like. I'm pretty sure it was about 21' and as much fun as it looked like it might offer it was small enough that the only bed/s were fold down sofa/sleeper variety and that's the one thing we are sort of hoping to avoid. They did have a 31' used diesel pusher that I really liked: nice floorplan, in good shape, only one slide. The dealer has not yet finished cleaning it up, and checking for maintenance issues and it may be a bit early for us to pop for the home of the future but we both enjoyed the "process" of shopping and we'll see what conclusions we draw after we have had time to think about what we saw.

It's nice not to have to rush about this -- to be able to expose ourself to some of the details, let them percolate into our conscious, and then dig in a little further and then pause. Hopefully by the time we make a decision we'll have avoided some of the pitfalls.

At any rate -- we have people coming in tomorrow to look at some church donations we want to make, all part of clearing out the house. A small part, but a part nonetheless.

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