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There´s been a long delay in the dissemination of my missives, partly due to scarce internet access and in part...uh, i don´t actually know.

Anyway, lots of questions been sent about this year´s research. I generally wait to a more advanced date, but with many new followers aboard, I figured I´d share some of the questions so as to assuage any doubts you may have.

1) Hey Lobo! Any new goals for this summer´s fieldwork? - Byron

- Hey Bi. Thanks for the question. Generally speaking, I don´t approach each mission

with specific goals in mind. I find it easier and more productive to let things

develop. Having said that, I continue to document the journey and

experiences of migrants attempting to realize their American dream, engaing in

spirited dialogue and creating redirect on the streets. Usually along the

way I explore new angles as I continue to uncover new facts.

2) Yo! wtf with the silly shirts? - Eugene

- S´up Gene. Over the course of the last few expeditions, I´ve been fotograghing

individuals wearing funny shirts in English. The only stipulation is that they have no

knowledge of the meaning, otherwise it aint so funny. Each year I print a calendar of

the Best of the Year. Let me know if you want a copy

3) How are your delicate functions? - Bobby Meachem

- Hey Bobby, so far, my delicate functions are very happy, although it´s still early.

I even survived a delicious ceviche on the street. I did, however, come

prepared this year with Cipro which can wipe out a small village of Cambodians. I

learned my lesson from last year´s gastrointestinal complications.

4) you gonna ride on top of the cargo train again, dumbass? - Nikolai Volkoz

- Maybe.

5) Why not just take a relaxing trip to the Jersey Shore or the Nevelle? -Timmy

- Timmy, not for me bro. i need to experience the world. Im a wild flower. (does that

make any sense???)

6) Do you get scared? -Lesly

- Lesly, I´m scared of snakes, spiders and the Americam Wearwolf in London. That´s

about it. Well, and Jaws too. I trust my judgement and take pride in my split

second decions.

7) does hondu really urinate in public? you always seem to mention this. - Big John Stud

- i invite you to visit honduras so you can see it yourself, if that´s your thing.

Hondu is known for his public urination. it´s one of his strong points.

8) You still traveling with the disgustingly old Yankee cap? - Mrs. Vendetti

-I wear it with pride and am proud to say that it has never been washed. Thanks for

the question, though.

9) Hey Lobinator, you gonna take pictures of any disgusting bathrooms? sincerely, -Al

- i´ll do my best. hope i don´t let you down!

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