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Cruise ship from the marina.

Local limousines.

Small boat marina

Beautiful hiking trail

Fallen cedar tree.

Check out how big the trees are.

Haines from the other side of the bay.

Old Ft Seward officer housing.

Officer home is now a Hotel.

Port Chilkoot memorial.

Training grounds in front of the housing.

A look at Ft Seward from a distance.

Home made camper we found on a drive.

Battery point - tide was out

Battery point

Dalton City at the fairgrounds. Whitefang was filmed here

There's a Kondike restaurant every town.

Dalton city

Opens on Thursday.

Clouds...rainy day at Chilkat Inlet.

Fishing in the rain on Chilkoot River.

There is 2 bald eagles in these trees.

Rain didn't stop the Kayak-ers.

Chilkoot Lake.

Chilkoot Lake Stare Recreation site.

Chilkoot Lake outlet.

This Mama bear sure made the fishermen run. Her cubs were swimming...

Falls dropping into Lutak Inlet.

Rain and cold today. South of the downtown area is Fort Seward on Portage Cove. We drove the walking tour around Ft. Seward since it was raining. It was established as the first Army post in the territory to help bring discipline to the gold rush. It was deactivated in 1946 and sold to U.S. veterans who created the city by converting some of the buildings into homes and businesses. They are nicely restored and being used today.

We drove Portage Cove Highway (Mud Bay Rd) out to Battery Point Trail. There are glacier views and nice views along the inlet. Check out the pictures of the huge trees.

We came back towards town and out past the Alaska Marine Highway terminal north to the road end at Chilkoot Lake State Recreation Site about 10 miles from Haines. It is a beautiful lake and campground. The lake was lined with people fishing in the rain.

We saw a Mama bear and her two cubs enter the lake. The cubs were swimming down stream and the Mama was behind them but stopping for fish. She had the people fishing running to shore. We managed of picture of Mama bear. The cubs stayed behind the brush.

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