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Leaving SE Texas the first of April, we headed to the San Antonio area to meet Nicole, Jonathan, Halle and Christian for a few days. Had a great time with them and met my nephew and his family for dinner one evening while there. Then it was on to make the long trek back to Seattle for doctor and motor home checkups and great visits with our kids. We had planned to go up through New Mexico and Utah but snow storms changed our mind and we ended up going though west Texas, Arizona, California and Oregon to get back to Seattle. Even got to take in a few of the granddaughters' ballgames in the rain and cold...quite a shock after being in the nice 85 degree weather in Texas. After spending 3 weeks in the Seattle area we headed for our summer home. We arrived at the Union Creek Campground in NE Oregon on April 30th. Having a little trepidation of where we were ending up having traveled through lots of flat land, rolling hills and sage brush and the hills all around us still covered with snow, we were delighted after heading south from Baker City to find ourselves heading towards the mountains. We landed at the campground which is 4300 feet above sea level surrounded by lodge-pole pines and a beautiful lake. Pretty chilly and many nights down in the 20's. Even woke up one morning about a week after we arrived to almost 4 inches of snow! I was asking Mike what in the _____ he had gotten us in to! The weather straightened out in mid-June and has been beautiful since. The hummingbirds are thick and I can hardly keep the feeder full outside the window. The campground is quite busy and we really enjoy meeting new people and have made many friends. There are 6 couples of us who have various duties at the campground but we love the hosting part the best. It will be our home until right after Labor Day when we head to Montana to spend time with mom and Mike to do some remodeling work for my stepbrother.

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