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Motor home with a toy on the back

Our route today from one of my new GPS toys

Welcome to WV

Overturned truck on I77

Flying down hill through one of the gaps

duPont Belle Plant

Coal-fired power plant

West Virginia voicing their opinion

Miniature Moon Pies

Winnie in West Virginia at KOA

We drove up I77 into West Virginia today. I don't think there is any flat ground in this state unless you are in the flood plain of one of the rivers. Winnie sure got a work out climbing today.

Today was a dangerous day on WV roads. We saw a pick-up truck turned over on I77. We couldn't figure out what happened, it was on a straight stretch of road headed uphill. I posted a picture. We also saw a black plume of smoke coming up from the southbound lane of I77. We couldn't see what it was because of the trees between the north and south bound lanes. CB chatter said a vehicle was on file, but not what kind. No pictures.

We drove through the Kanawha River Valley today. It's been described as the "American Ruhr Valley" because of the concentration of chemical plants. All the names (duPont, Dow, Monsanto, Union Carbide, etc.) in the chemical process industry had plants there at one time. I'm sure there aren't as many as there used to be and those that are there are probably smaller.

West Virginia is a coal state. We passed one of the big coal-fired plants along the river. The folks in West Viriginia are not real happy with what's going on in Washington with the EPA and coal. We saw several huge billboards that expressed their sentiments. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

We arrived at the KOA campground in Milton, WV just east of Huntington late this afternoon. This is just an overnight stop.

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