Jim and Barbara Go to Yellowstone and More travel blog

Day 8:

We’re in corn and soybean country most of the day. There are acres of yellow-green tasseled corn separated by acres of dark green soybeans. The corn is shorter than we remembered from last year. Ah, the farms of the mid-west.

In Bloomington, IL we came across of wind farm. There were giant wind turbines as far as the eye could see—way too many to count. They weren’t ugly, but graceful as the blades slowly turned in the breeze. Going green!

We also saw some amusing signs along the way in Illinois. Remember the Burma Shave signs by the side of the road when some of us were growing up. Well, we saw a series of signs with

4-line poems about the value of owning a gun. All ended with a sign “GunsSavePeople.com”. Isn’t it great that we live in a country where people can say anything they wish?

Travel day again from Crawfordsville to Madison KOA in DeForest, WI. No travel difficulties except very bumpy roads. Opening cabinets in the trailer when we arrived was truly an adventure. There were many construction locations, but thankfully, no work on Saturday. We had to double back to get gas. The station we planned to stop at was permanently closed and we couldn’t make it to the next one that was big enough for us to get into. It was only about 13 miles back—lesson learned. Don’t wait to the last station.

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