Sam and Linda's Spring Fling 2011 travel blog

No this wasn't Sam's breakfast, but the boys.

Why do they give you so much food?

On our front door (thanks Lee for giving Paula the idea!)

Doesn't look like much mail, but believe me that basket is deep!...

We decided to go into town and have breakast before heading home to the heat.It was chilly and drippy out.

Went to a little corner place on Main Street. Breakfast was good.

Got back to the park and all I really had to do was un-level. Sam had put up all our "stuff" earlier (or last night).

While he and Luke were putting their tent trailer back together, Aimee and I ran into town and got Starbucks for the road.

By the time we dumped and hooked up the jeep, it was close to 11 (again, I think putting off getting back to the heat).

Barely got up Kelly Avenue and the Jacks Down light started dinging. Put on the flashers and Sam jumped out (we were at a stop sign) to see if the jacks were actually coming down-they weren't.

It happened about 5 more times. I had to keep driving because we were on Highway 92 (two lanes) and no place to pull over.

We don't have it figured out why some of the bumps we hit doesn't set it over, and yet others do. Of course, my theory is that 'Bama just didn't want to go home!

About the time we got to Tracy we noticed the heat.

Stopped in Manteca to visit my folks for a bit and then south on 99 for the inevitable!

Sam got the jeep unhooked and the bikes put away and I parked 'Bama in the side yard.

All the animals were happy to see us.

Unloaded the fridge/freezer and perishables and that was about all....the heat was way too much.

I wonder how long it will take to unload 'Bama? One of the first things to do is get her into a shop and have that Jacks Down issue resolved.

Opened slides so I could get a short sleeve top out of the closet and that was it for the evening.

The Brandts stopped by to make sure everyting was in order. Thanks Brandt for staying at our house and taking care of everything. Didn't worry about anything on the homefront while we were gone.

One of the things I plan to do once I'm settled is to tally up the fuel charges and see what the grand total was.

It also felt strange to sit on the toilet. Don't know why because we used other toilets besides the one in 'Bama.

I guess my purse will be a little lighter now that I won't be carrying my camera everywhere (oh, but I forgot Rita is taking up that slack.

I definitely have some things I would have done different on this trip and preparing for this trip. One thing I wouldn't change is our foot loose way of the way we traveled. I'm so glad that the majority of our trip we didn't have reservations.

I just looked at our map on the home page of the journal. Looks kinda empty in the middle...guess there'll be another trip in our future!

Our 16 week, 9,926 mile (doesn't include all the excursions we took in the jeep) journey is over and the big question?

WHO IS GONNA COOK now that we're home :-)

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