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Arriving early in Adelaide, I make a beeline for a hostel only to realise that it is still only and I couldn't check in. I decide the best bet is the public library for some internetting. Nearby are the art gallery and museum so I give them a quxck shufty as well. Sadly that turns out to be abut it for Adelaide, as from that moment on it rained and I mean RAINED! There were even hailstorms, which left me with ;little desire to do much in the way of visiting some of the beautiful parks and gardens surrounding the city centre.

I spent the rest of the time sheltering in shopping centres or at the hostel.. but hey, I caught up on some sleep.

Poor Adelaide, I've been there twice now. The fisrt time i wastrapped on the train station, the second visit coincided with a monsoon I didn't even know they had! I can't help feeling that Adelaide has a lot more to offer, but it kept it's secrets hidden.....and I didn't even get to visit Tony Vidmar's Mum and Dad......

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