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Our campground

Our campsite.

Campground with Valdez Glacier in the background.

Small mountain beside the CG that goes almost straight up.

Close as you get to Valdez Glacier

Another view of the glacier runoff.

Totem symbol for the University of Prince William Sound.

Ferry,the local transportation from P.W.S all the way to Kodiak and beyond.

Tanks for the Alaska pipeline terminal from across the bay.

Cruise ship docks.

Tourist outside the restaurant we had lunch at (The Fat Mermaid).

The harbor.

The harbor.

Lots of boats, Very busy place.

Kids swimming at the city park. They think it is summer.


Old town site history


Site of the Valdez before the quake.

Past those mountains is the way out of the bay.

Sea Lion in the bay. Kind of like getting a picture of...

Cought this guy fishing along the road.

Thats a good size Salmon he has.

We saw him catch and eat at least 6 or 7 of...

He is off to nap now.

He had a lot of good pickings.

A fish weir. They were trying to get away.

A stream coming out of skinny canyon in a sheer cliff.

Alaska pipeline terminal tanks. Close as they would let us get.

This is where they load the tankers with oil.

City of Valdez from across the bay.

Valdez is a sleepy kind of town. There wasn't much tourist activity in town. I expected much more with all the RV parks full. Maybe today was a travel day. The docks were busy with fishermen doing their jobs.

We drove out to the Valdez glacier which is just down the road from our campsite. It doesn't compare to the what we saw on the drive here. We did run into a local guy that had tall tales of years gone by. He was fun to talk with and must have been lonely. He wanted to talk all day.

Valdez is now known as New Valdez. It was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake and was rebuilt 4 miles further out. We toured the museum which showed the town before, during and after the earthquake. Very interesting. We drove out to the original town site. Not much there. Check the pictures.

The ferry to Cordova was loading so we did some people watching at the terminal and then went down the street to the Fat Mermaid for lunch. Seems like we eat lunch out mid afternoon and then we aren't hungry come dinner time. Naa.. not really.

Highlight of the day was out the highway (Dayville Rd.) to the pipeline terminal. The Milepost said it was a popular spot for RVers and to watch sea lions and salmon spawning. We stopped next to the fish hatchery to watch a couple sea lions. It took forever to get a picture. We saw people stopping on the other side of the hatchery so we went to see what they were doing. There was a Grizzly catching salmon at the fish weir at the fish hatchery. He didn't have to work very hard at it. There were hundred of them. The crowd didn't bother him. The only thing that upset him was the seagulls wanting his fish.

We didn't know when we got to Valdez that you could camp along Dayville Rd. next to the shore. You can literally walk out your RV and fish a few feet away. I think it's a secret the locals don't want the tourist to know about.

The pipeline terminal is not open to the public. Very heavy security there.

Got to go.....there's an ice cream truck coming through the campground! :) :)

Tomorrow: Not sure, we will head toward TOK.

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