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I managed to cross the border into Guatemala from Honduras w/o any impediments, despite the churlish customs and passport people that prey on innocent migrants heading North. I´m in the process staging process, preparing myself for the grueling trip. I´m loading up on freshly squeezed juices, fried chicken and scouting out the local talent, in soccer that is. To be honest, not exactly blown away by the Guatemalan style of ¨futbol¨. He´s feeble and dirty. I´d fit in perfectly!

At some point I must decide which route I shall choose.

From southern Guatemala, Esquipulas, there are two options: 1) head to Guatemala City and then northwest to Tecun Uman Border crossing with the Mexican State of Chiapas. (This used to be the more transitted route but due to gang violence but numbers have declined.) 2)travel up to the remote jungle region or northern Guatemala, el Peten, and cross into the Mexican State of Tabasco by pickup. This is currently the more popular route, although organized crime, ie, the Zetas, have made this route increasingly more dangerous for migrants. Many are kidnapped along the way.

Any suggestions? Next posting will be from one of the aforementioned locations.

Love and Prayers.

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