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Esquipulas, Guatemala

Fieldwork commenced 5 days ago in Honduras and has already taken me on shitty buses, to multiple massage parlors, fried chicken establishments, street stalls, a donkey show, a random ping pong table and cathedrals. I even caught a glimpse of the black Jesus in a Basilica in Guatemala. I´m not quite sure I understand what a Basilica is, but this Jesus was definitely black. by the way, i destroyed every opponent in ping pong.

Up until now, not much has changed from last year´s adventure expect for two things: 1) I have been in Central America for 5 days and not once have I urinated in public 2) I retired my Enrique Iglesias sleeveless t-shirt. I know you will be disappointed not to see pictures of me with my Enrique gear. I´m sorry. I agonized over this for hours before departure but ultimately tight and black didn´t make this year´s cut. Before departing, there definitely were some tough decisions to be made as I introduced a new, smaller and leaner backpack into the mix. It´s totally a hipster back which undoubtedly will help me feel a little extra cool. It has loads of straps and loops for my tools and gear. This is my lightest back yet: 4 t-shirts, 2 pants, 1 pair of shorts and 1 long sleeve pullover. No material items except the last two editions of US Weekly. You have to read about Angelina´s girl weekend with Shiloh! It´s a must read.

This year I carry no guide book. No map. No plans were made pre-departure. As always, my most effective mode is improvisation...

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