Sam and Linda's Spring Fling 2011 travel blog

Before the ride (see all the energy!)

Bailey, our other grand pooch, said forget the ride, play frisbee!

Getting ready to chow down on calamari appeteazer, fish & chips and...

The "senior" order of fish and chiips (more than enough food)

After the ride! Hm...wonder where Gramps is (Noni was taking the picture)

The last day of our big adventure!

Zack and our newest grandpuppy left in the morning.

The rest of us decided that we'd go for a bike ride to Barb's Fish & Chips-8 miles round trip.

Logan definitely has improved his riding skills since last year and although his cousin, Nate, had a single speed bike, the kid did great. Although he did ask me, how far did the bike path go.

Aimee and I both thought the ride seemed easier than last year. Maybe because it was overcast? We both have some pretty good sunburns from yesterday. Actually, this trip everyone seemed to get some red going on :/

We were able to get a table outside and had a nice fish & chips (clam strips for Aimee) and calamari for a little lunch break.

The little boys really wanted to continue on further, but we talked them out of it. Said once we got back to camp, the adults (who wanted to) and the boys could continue on south from the state park.

Riding back, Aimee and I decided it wasn't as easy as going the other direction. Probably didn't help that we all were full.

No one wanted to continue once we got back to camp. Nate (the cousin) asked me if the trip back was longer than going (he is Portugese).

I sure missed the dil while I was gone. She keeps me entertained without even trying. Now, Aimee, we weren't that close to the ocean going on the ride :-)

We all just wanted to chill when we got back, so Luke put the outside tv on and we watched a movie. The boys got their second wind and played.

For the second time, someone stopped and asked us how long 'Bama was. This time, this older lady was full of questions because her 95 year old father just bought a Class A in April and wants her to drive them to Death Valley in November-it was someplace he and her mother use to go in their motorhome years ago. I gave her my pep talk and said if I can drive ours, she could drive his. But then I thought, her daughter was standing there, I wonder why she isn't volunteering to take them both?

The park is full again.

I know this may come as a shock to some people, but I don't think Half Moon Bay is my favorite anymore. Aimee says that's because we've been to so many other parks. Maybe that's partially true.

This time, though, as Sam pointed out, they weren't even knocking the weeds down at the campsides. The showers nearest to us were closed for repairs the whole time we've been here.

It also seems that so many of the campsites have 6-8 people at each campsite with numerous cars. Just almost trashy, I thought.

And I forgot to mention that after the older kids arrived on Tuesday, we were standing at their campsite (across from ours) and two park police (not the rangers) drove through, introduced themselves, and just wanted to warn us since we had bikes to be sure and lock them up. They've had some thefts of bikes and being along the bike path, anyone can come in.

Then after Zack arrived about one hour later, a San Mateo Sheriff's Deputy drove through. He waved. Then shortly after, another one drove by. I told the family that I think there's more than bike thefts going on and that if the cop drove by again, I was going to stop him and find out what was really going on.

We have stayed here numerous times and have never seen the park police or deputy sheriffs.

Went into town for pizza and frozen yogurt.

The big boys are out by the fire and Aimee and I are watching tv in the warm house!

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