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Early morning visitor at Portage Valley Campground.

Mountain View Campground, Palmer.

The mountain view.

Palmer vistors center.

The gardens at the vistors center in Palmer.

Large cabage, tomato and lettuce plants. Expected giants!

Flower garden.

Flower looked like bugs.

Park sign with bar/restaurant across the street. Makes Palmer look like a...

Very fast/loud moving Little Susitna River.

Very fast/loud moving Little Susitna River.

Road to Hatcher Pass

Going up.

Tried to show the real green mountainsides.

Scenery with a paraglider in it.

Wasilla Creek and Palmer in the distance.

Little better view of the paraglider.

Hatcher Pass Lodge and restaurant near the pass. I think paragliders stay...

1938 mining camp at the pass.

Some of the old mine buildings. 205 miners ran this at one...

I liked the jug between the two men.

Old dam and sluce still standing, but they leak a lot.

Mess hall and view of the valley. They ate 4 times a...

There is always those dam/n ENGINEERS.

Woke up to clear skies and sunshine. We have gotten out our shorts and sandals. Funny how 68 - 70 degrees feels hot. That's our winter temps in Phoenix.

We arrived in Palmer around noon. We stopped at the Visitor's center to get a map and see the museum and gardens the Milepost talked about. Gardens were pretty as are all the flowers in the land of 20+ hours a day sunlight. We watched a video of how the US government experimented with setting up a colony of farmers in Palmer. It was during the dust bowl. They sent 203 families from Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin to Palmer to provide them a homestead and set up farms and agricuture. They picked farmers of scandivian decent because they would be hardy and survive the cold (Some of Larrys relatives). It's a very interesting story of how they arrive and survive with what was provided to them.

We signed in for one night at Mountain View campground, set up camp and headed out to Hatcher Pass. It's a scenic drive through alpine country driving along the Little Susitna River with views of the Talkeetna Mountains..

At the top of the pass is Independence Mine State Historical Park is a great spot to explore an early 20th century gold mining town. Many of the buildings have been restored to look as they did almost a century ago, but others have been left to succumb to Alaska's harsh winters. It's a fascinating piece of Alaska's rich history.

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