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The not so healthy coast to the Great Barrier Reef... on the...

Giant Fig Curtain Tree

First Platypus sighting! Many people never get to see these in the...

Cockatoo flying about around us

Sunset on our way to Tennant Creek

Road Trains are everywhere

Termite mounds lined the fields... everywhere!

Oh my... nothing but desert and blue skyes.... time for the X...

Our first wild Emu sighting!

Made it to the norther territorry

Rescue Mission Underway

Ellery Creek Big Hole - An older couple happily took a picture...

Desert Landscape along the way

Ochre Pits... Aboriginals still use Ochre to this day, in their paintings...

Dawnie getting ready to kick some A$$ (We were doing P90X)

Sunset while working out the Abs... Ouch!, but with suck beauty around...

He decided he was going to climb up front with us to...

The past four days have been packed full of driving! We've covered appx. 2300kms and seen quite a bit of the Australian Outback, finally arriving around the center of the country in the area of Alice Springs.

We've seen many different birds (small, medium, big, and huge), free range cows, wild horses, kangaroos, and we even saw our first ever wild Emu! The scenery has consisted mostly of desert land, however not the sandy red desert we somewhat expected... more of a yellow grass desert, quite similar to Arizona in many places.

On The 8th, when stopping to take a picture of a huge dead snake in the middle of the road (this was especially to post the picture and show mom :), we picked up an injured hitchhiker (we spotted him in the ditch when stopping). We exercised extreme caution when handling him and putting him in the van as he was wild, however he never gave us much problems.

After having picked up Victor (the injured), we hastily made our way to the nearest town to try and find somebody who could give him some medical attention, stopping every few hours so I could give him some water and try to give him a bit to eat. Giving him water was easy enough by using the tip of a ball point pen, however I couldn't get him to eat at all.

We didn't quite make it to Tennant Creek on that night, and therefore had to make room for Victor to spend the night with us. He was quite good all night, only waking up two to three times to re-adjust himself, we suspect his injuries were quite painfull... poor guy!

Next morning we woke early and made our way to Tennant Creek, only to be informed that nobody there could help us, our next best bet would be at Alice Springs (550kms away)... off we went, rushing against the clock to arrive as early as possible to get Victor the Medical attention he was in desperate need of.

Appx. 6 hours later, we finally arrived. Victor was good the whole way there, and we didn't hear a peep out of him. On a couple occasions, he tried to hop up front between me and Dawn, however we quickly put him back in his box. On the second occasion, Dawn went in the back to make sure he didn't try to escape again, which he didn't.

We were quite sad when we finally arrived and handed Victor over to the park authorities... we had grown quite fond of Victor over the past few days. Victor had a very wise look in his eyes and he was quite smart you could easily tell. He could have easily bit us or clawed at us, but he didn't... it was like he knew we were there to help him out. Being so close to a brown falcon for such a long period of time is an adventure we will not soon forget. We now hope they will be able to repair his broken wing(s) (one had bone sticking out, the other he was holding on his side strangely).. we would give anything to see him fly. The ranger was 50/50 on what would end up happening with Victor, as he is fully mature (I would estimate appx. 4 to 5 foot wingspan), they are not sure he would be able to re-habilitate without his wings, and because of the damage to his wings, they may not be able to repair them with surgery. We have the option to go and find out what happened to him in a few days, however we're not sure we'll be going in to find out... better to assume he's going to be ok and fly for the rest of his days!!

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