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Departure at 0830 and headed east on Rte 17. Stopped for a picnic lunch somewhere after passing through Thunder Bay, discovered that the small cooler containing the cheese, summer sausage, and smoked whitefish was still in the Drifters Motel. But the crackers and nuts and dried fruit were with us. Very healthful lunch.

Decided to change course after Thunder Bay and stay on 17 northwest to Winnepeg over the top of Lake of the Woods, stopped at the Pine View Motel, about 40 clicks short of Kenora. Great clean motel ( Mom, gail, and Pop, $84. very clean and the air works good. It is 90 F and has been either foggy or very hazy all day. Yes we did have to stop and buy Poco and Lola a soft serve ice cream. Also note that McDonalds up here do not have Iced Tea, wierd Eh? Since we lost our food cache we are going to stop at a market, buy tea bags and a pitcher and make tea in the back window of the Mercury.

We have lucked out on food, Just 1 km west is Busters BBQ, the wind was westerly and we could smell the BBQ from the motel, so I followed the smoke and my nose and there it was. BBQ ribs and a pulled pork san, dwich, slaw, potato salad, cornbread and unsweetened sun tea. Lola and I agree it was some of the best we have had in our travels.

Took a lot of photos today but this program is not letting me post them unless I fess up with some dinero. Still thinking about that. I will just amke a powerpoint after the trip and send it out.

We are still thinking about the cottage in Wawa, Don is ready to bargain. Be a good place to LOSE the motorhome, I could paint the top green with a moose's ass looking to the sky.

Met some great people today,

Regina, great lady who ran the Nipigon cafe, we were the only ones in there, by the time we left the place was nearly full of locals and her waitress was not there yet. Regina did all the cooking, waiting, with the local telephone line man pouring the coffee. Great place and tasty breakfast.

Reynard Abraham Sr. Nipigon, Ont. I have photos of him and of his fantastic flower garden, on Bell St. after breakfast as we went around the corner was Reynard's garden. This was a Kodak (Canon) moment and I took it. I have his address and will send him some copies.

Also met a couple this evening from Thompson, Manatoba, which is 800 km north of Winnepeg. He has been a miner for 47 years and worked in Gold and Nickel mines in Canada. the gold mine he worked in was 8100 feet deep, currently the Nickel mine he works is 4200 feet deep. NOT ME, I like my altitude in the positive direction.

Another couple on a Harley were suiting up in the fog this morning and heading home to Vancouver Island. They had been to Niagra, Toronto and Ottawa.

Another couple with 5 youngsters, from Baltimore were stuck at the Drifter Motel since Friday with a broken GMC Yukon XL, and hopefully got the Chevy dealer in Terrace Bay to fix it today. They had been camping in Minnesota.

Hard to find a stranger up here.

Did not see any Moose or deer, got a glimpse of a Fox in the road ahead after some road kill but he scampered off before I got there with the camera.Did get a quick glimpse of an Eagle, went by him pretty quick, he was doing 30kmh I was doing 90kmh.

Ok, got our showers in and we going to hit the Hay. Start all this over tomorrow. We are on schedule and should be at Rick and Char's in Idaho on Thursday.

Please send us your comments, we are really lonely up here all alone.

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