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Now have access to wi-fi in my hotel so hope to be able to give some more news.

The apartment in Berlin was on a fantastic spot on Gendarmenmarkt in Mitte where there was a concert quite a few nights which lots of people paid for but we could hear for nix either on the steps of the church or at home or in a restaurant at end of our street.

We did lots of walking in this fantastic city of about 3.5 million which has dozens of museums , many detailing German atrocities during the war. Particularly poignant were the Holocaust Memorial and Check Point Charlie which showed escapes across the wall ( successful and not) on the inside and on the street are lots of billboards about the Berlin Wall. And the Jewish Museum.Hats off to the city for keeping the memory alive in so many ways including marking the position of the wall on footpaths etc, and on maps and leaving sections standing . Pergamonmuseum was an unexpected highlight although we only saw a small part of it - amazing altar from 165bc marble shrine with frieze of the gods battling giants. And the Gate of Miletus 2nd century (roman) then walk through that to the brilliant blue and ochre Ishtar Gate. From Babylon 604 -562BC

Driving has been good / it's nice to get behind a wheel again

Weather has been pretty good even when rain is predicted

First stop was Weimar , a very nice town amost 300 kms s/w of Berlin.

Stayed 1 night there looking at the marvelous architecture. Then on to Erfurt,the capital of Thurninga and another gem architecturally . Was home to many famous people including Goethe, Lizt, Schiller (wroteWiiam Tell) ,Bach, Strauss, Nietzsche,Kandinski and Klee

Buchanwald concentration camp nearby

Some 16 world heritage sites. Last bomb of WW11 dropped on one of their churches.

Today drove about 4 hours south to Bamberg another old city which unfortunately is very crowded as there is a festival on and u can hardly move. Lots of entertainment on the streets. I picked the wrong time to come.

Some thoughts

Lots of bicycles and smokers

Lots of wind farms and saw 2 nuclear stations

Do they get enough veggies ? Mostly meat, potato or dumplings,and sauerkraut

aware of the environment - lots of recycling but still a fair bit of litter

Not much English spoken outside of Berlin so far

Why are my rooms always upstairs

Roads good and relatively few cars - they must all be on the autobahn which I may brave tomorrow for a while

Germany is quite cheap

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