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Kenai city park.

Alaskan residents only Dipnetters.

More Dipnetters on the other side of the Kenai River.

Where the Kenai River runs into Cook Inlet.

Mt. Redoubt from the South.

Our campsite @ Diamond M Ranch.

Excess site w/electric only. But we have the nicest yard.

Moose and baby while driving to Home Depot.

The campground

We are in Soldotna for 2 nights. We are staying at the Diamond M Ranch RV park. The park is full. The owners work very hard at not turning anyone away. They gave us a spot on a grassy knoll and ran electricity over to us. We have a grass yard. A lot nicer than the gravel lots below us.

The RV park is full of lots and lots of fishermen from all over the US. This is the beginning of the second run of the red salmon.

We watched the dipnetters from Beluga Whale Lookout for a while. They stand in water up to their elbows holding large nets out in the water. They are waiting for the salmon to jump or swim into the net. Salmon are not eating at this point so you won't catch them with bait. Only the native Alaskans can dipnet which requires a special permit. We have watched them clean their catch here at the campground. The campground is set up fish cleaning stations which are used day and night.

We are both recouping from our allergy/cold dilemma. These last 2 days have been lazy days of taking meds and naps. There is much improvement. It is no fun being sick on the road and with both of us coughing and blowing noses all the time in a 28ft confined area we have grown tired of it! Maybe that's why they put us at the end of this row away from the crowd.??

Motorhome is getting a good scrub down today so we can hit the road tomorrow.

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