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Crap nights sleep, had 2 phone calls from Lynn in our queensland store at about 1am and then another from the gas man trying to organise the gas connection for albert st. Have to remember to turn the phone off over night!!!

Today is an exciting day, off buy duty free alcohol in Denmark/ Germany. Its about a 2 hour drive and then on a ferry and then a 2 minute drive to the "Border Shop". Michael and Marie drove us once again (they have been great to us!) Got to go on the famous bridge tunnel again. The bridge is the longest in Europe and then the tunnel actually takes you under the landing strips of the airport.

Had about a 30 min wait to get onto the ferry and I was thinking something like the Kangaroo Island sea link but this thing is waaaay bigger. Cars are parked on 2 different levels and 3 lanes wide the entire length of the boat. Its a 45min trip accross so we take the chance to have a late lunch. Before we knew it we are back in the car and at the shops.

This place is unreal, its over 4 levels, 1 for lollies/ sweets but the rest pretty much for booze.

Its a tad confusing cos everything is priced in either euros or Danish croner which is different to swedish croner. one Danish croner is about 1.35 swedish croner and so a carton of heineken is 79.99 DKR them I need to multiply it by 1.35 to get it to SKR and then divide it by 6.5 to get it to AUS to see if its a good deal. We pretty well stocked up, I got a carton of becks, a carton of Heineken, a bottle of CC, a bottle of Jager and Jen a carton of cider, bottle of Vodka, cask of wine and 3 x 24 cans of soft drink (there was a special on that) and some sweets and all this came to 875DKR! (about $180 aus)SCORE!

We couldnt go too overboard though as this is only stuff we can drink while in sweden as we have already pre ordered our duty free to bring back into australia before we left (saves an extra 10%)and from the 19th we leave for London.

Anyway, we load up the poor little VW golf and I recon the shocks were bottoming out cos Michael and Marie bought heaps more than us and the boot was chockers! Headed back to the ferry to head home but then our ferry had mechanical issues. We got away eventually and I got some pretty impressive pictures out on the water of the sun set.

Im really liking this new camera as the pics all come out quite well. My last camera I took to China I hardly got one decent photo the whole trip). On the two hour drive Jen and I both fell asleep but then thats far enough cos it was about 1am by the time we actually walked in the door.

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