2011 Hogarths on the move again - to places afar travel blog

The old man nicking fruit

The canal

The evening ride

Little black-grey dab chicks – Mum and Dad and the smallest little baby entertain us at breakfast on our mooring.

The old boy releases the land lines and spins Saint Christophe about so Toby and crew can head upstream whilst he takes a bike and tours the countryside.

Miles of good sealed flat rural roads through fields of maize and sunflowers. Also plantations of poplars and elm. Stops to talk to farm dogs and old tractors and new tractors and big irrigators. Pinches apples and plums and ends up alongside the river at Tonniens, not anywhere near the canal. After a couple of false farm roads, eventually returns to the canal at a bridge and lock.

The Maitre-de at lock side café says he had seen boat with the “Australian Flag yesterday but not today, Monsieur”.

So a little wait resting along the bridge railing until Saint Christophe comes into view a mile down the canal.

Those on the boat stop the village again at le Mas-d’Agenais – a lovely little village, unfortunately the Rembrandt that lives in the church has been sent to England for some restoration.

There is a market in the square. Where is the camera – on the boat of course.

We tie up at Buzet Sur Baise for the second time, although in a different marina. There is washing to be done, internet to check and power to recharge those essential computers. Would you believe three of them on board!

We venture intoto reprovision, the younger members on biped and the older perambulate.

Home cooked supper between Kiwi and Swiss boats. Toby on the computer checking up on Cadel, Matt, Alberto and Frank (how about that stage win!) whilst the old couple and Pegs cycle a couple of rural routes for about 10 kms.

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