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Battery Mining loco

Silverton looking towards the Tea Rooms

Tea Rooms

Old stone building

Old stone building from a different angle

Gracie made from railway spikes

The donkey

Daydream Mine

Daydream Mine

Rail Spike from the Silverton Tramway

After a brief interlude in the local hardware to get some cable ties for Jim we ventured out to Silverton…..

Spent some time at the “Old Gaol” wandering through it. Myself I found it a little overwhelming there was so much there and so little apparent organisation, kind of reminded me of my garage. Not to say that I would not have liked the little battery loco, reminded me of an amusing experience with one of these in my youth, but that’s another story……

We left the Clams to their own devices and found the local “gift shop” where I bought some gifts… Then on the Silverton Tea Rooms for lunch. Definitely 5 Michelin Stars for this place, excellent food at very reasonable prices….

When we emerged from our repast there are 2 donkeys standing in the street, just standing there….

The fun began when we were driving down the street with an Asian Girl trying to get a picture of the donkeys, of course the faster she ran the faster the donkeys ran until she stopped and the donkeys stopped. Well we thought it looked very funny, I guess you had to be there.

Drove into the Daydream Mine that worked from 1882 till 1983 and decided that it was still a working gold mine. It works like this; you charge $25 a head (cash only) and run tours with around a dozen people on them 10 times a day and spend nothing on the venue whatsoever, sounds like a working gold mine to me…..

I have fitted the new camera on the back of the van so we now have a cinemascope vista of what is behind us so I’ll be able to spot slip streamers tomorrow on the way to Peterborough…

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