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Dawnie on top of the gumboot in Tully. The Gumboot's height is...

I want to find a Cassowary!

Found him!... prehistoric looking beast!... poops blue!

Endeavor falls North of Cooktown

Keaton's lagoon near cooktown.

Whaaaa? Crocodiles????

Momma and her little piglet

Dawnie B in the jungle with the Fig tree roots!

Eeeeeck! We found one! What a beauty this bloke was!

Beautiful Blue Ulyses Butterfly.. about the size of a lunch plate

Found me a stump!.... a big one!

Jourama falls.. nice hike to get here, in the "dry" jungle.

Woke up nice and early this morning, bound and determined to get away from these grey skies. On our way through our 450km journey inland, we stopped by a few sights. First, we stopped in at Hasties swamp to enjoy the hundreds upon hundreds of birds that call this swamp home. We were the only ones there and it was extremely peaceful. So many different species! After, we had a look at a field filled with wind turbines. This was Australia's first turbine farm built back in 2000 and powers 3500 homes with it's 20 turbines. We spoke to a retired Australian couple for a while. They informed us that there is some controversy about the wind turbines as some are saying they are too loud (we stood 20 feet from one and didn't find it that loud) , others that the cows are frightened and hate it (we took a picture as 20 or so grazing cows stood right next to one), etc. Their belief is that the politicians may have a hidden agenda by bashing the turbines.

We then stopped by to have a look at Australia's widest waterfall (Millstream Falls, just outside Raveshoe), which was absolutely beautiful. A short walk down a paved path, enjoying nature and it's birds (man... I really enjoy the kookaburra!) took us right to the falls, where the splashing waters created a rainbow in the now sunny day!

Further down the road, we stopped by a river with natural hot springs coming right out of the sand. This isn't at all a touristy area and we just came upon it on the side of the road at the town of Innot. The first pool I put my foot in was quite cool, I therefore didn't think twice before putting my foot in the other pool next to it... big mistake! Sh!t it was hot! Proceeded to find a hot, however not too hot pool and enjoyed wading in it for a while.

The day's drive was quite nice. Some areas reminded us of Arizona quite a bit. From what we hear, we believe most of the drive should have been through sandy red desert, however there is dead yellow grass everywhere, it grew from the recent flooding rains and has since dried out. We're really hoping we'll get to see some of the red sandy desert Australia is known for (talking to other travelers, they did not see this anywhere in their travels). On the bright side, we're getting to see Australia in a light most people have never seen before. Today's drive also included many, many huge termite mounds all over the place. Some were red, others a dirty white, and others brown.

Sunset was absolutely amazing tonight! The orange and red colors are simply incredible.. we're thinking this may in fact be the best sunset we've ever seen. We stopped by the side of the road a few times to get pictures as the colors kept changing.

We carefully made our way to our campsite for the night, spotting anywhere from 50 to 100 kangaroos on the way (not all of the same kind). Also had a free range cow come rushing out of the bush right across the road in front of us.. good thing we're driving slowly and carefully... nothing to worry about mom :)

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