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Understanding Pool Covers

Among the best tips you will ever hear regarding your swimming pool is to make the investment in a pool cover...and there are many reasons why.

These economical but very practical items make great sense in many ways and are an crucial aid to the maintenance and care of any pool. With many distinct types to choose from it may be wise to examine the very clever solar pool covers and pool blankets that you can buy for a very reasonable price, and take on board the benefits.

Reduce Pool Maintenance & Save Water!

A pool cover will not only keep fallen leaves and other debris out of your pool at those necessary times of year – this in turn meaning that your pump will not be clogged up with a wide variety of items – but will also minimize evaporation, a process that is natural and that reduces the amount of water in your pool. It also means that you require to replenish essential chemicals less often, as these will also be subject to evaporation.

Lower Pool Heating Costs With a Pool Cover

Covering your pool with a solar pool cover at night keeps much of the heat generated during the day in place, and this evidently means that you will commit less energy for your heating system.

Even if your pool is not heated by gas or solar and simply takes the suns heat you will still feel a distinction getting in next morning having covered the pool the night before.

Some more expensive versions can be operated by mechanics and installed to close over the pool at the touch of a button, yet the most cost effective are basic solar pool covers that are very reasonably priced.

Whatever the size or shape of your pool there is a pool cover out there that will do the job you require , and for very little funding you can find you are making impressive savings.

Supreme Heating offer a patented and innovative range of pool covers.

Visit us at www.supremeheating.com.au for more information.

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