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Cabbage from the botanical garden. By August it is suppose to very...

More cabbage.

The gardens.

The gardens.

The gardens.

More gardens.

More gardens.

Weather station at the gardens.


Looking downhill from the University.

Musuem of the North

Hope not to get this close to a real one.

Also, hope not to get this close to a real one.

Totem pole

Explaination of a Totem pole

Very fancy Alaskan outhouse.

Outhouse wall paper

Outhouse doors.

More wall plaques. There were a lot of 1962 license plates.




The Alaska pipeline north of Fairbanks.

A tourist at the pipeline.

These supports are built to move. The pipe grows 1' per mile...

Retired Hog.


Current pig.


Somebody was kind enough to hold our camera for us.

A look as it winds up the hill.

Someone across the street from the pipline was making a point.

Again we waited for the rain to stop so we could take a ride. We have seen lots of rain and I know our friends and family in Phoenix are praying for rain. The wet damp cold is just something we never have to contend with at home.

We put on our jackets and drove to the University of Fairbanks. They have a botanical garden which we planned to visit. The gardens were pretty. However, due to lack of funding they didn't have a big part of it planted. We took some pictures to share. They had a couple caribou. Actually, I should call them reindeer. The difference between caribou and reindeer is that the reindeer is domesticated.

The University is built on a hill side. We visited the Museum of the North. The building itself is a piece of art conveying images of glaciers and diving whale's tail. It exhibits artifacts and specimens collected in Alaska and shows the history of Alaska's five geographic regions.

The University has a research center for the Muskox. We walked around the grounds and took a couple pictures.

Our last stop of the day was out to see the Pipeline. We only saw a few blocks of it. Hard to imagine all the territory it covers.

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