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Riverview RV Park

Our campsite

We are staying at Riverview RV park and will be here for 4 or 5 nights. Nice park along the river. Only complaint would be the MESQUITOS. Can't blame the RV park for them.

Took a ride and stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut! Not very creative but we haven't had pizza since we left home.

We went back to the North Pole to pick up a Safeway coupon book. Safeway in town was out of them. The book cost $99.00. It has alot of 2 for 1 tours and packages we will use through Alaska. We book the Riverboat cruise and have paid for half the book already.

Other than that we did nothing the rest of the day. It was damp and raining so we just took a break. Needed to step back and relax.

Mileage: 31484

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