2011 Hogarths on the move again - to places afar travel blog

On the carousel

Taking the kids to water - every time she stopped the ducklings...

Wedding photos on the Thames

Up early and down to the subway, then a train out to the Charles De Gaulle airport. Just in time to meet the girls and Toby off their flight from Australia. They all have that ‘I have just spent 20 hours on a plane’ glazed look about them but are in good humour.

Kim is still sore after her fall from a horse a week ago. Brilliant coloured bruises on chest and legs and, unfortunately, a fractured rib that inhibits her breathing and we have to try hard not to make her laugh. Very lucky that she is able to still come to Europe. She cannot actually remember the fall.

We bring them back to the apartment and after some showers, coffees and a bit of a break we make our way the Eiffel Tower, then after lunch on the sidewalk, a long walk along the Seine to Notre dame. By then they have well and truly had it so we make our way back to the apartment.

A quick visit to the local supermarket but the kids have hit the sack so the evening meal is just Darby and Joan.

Kim and Toby appear at 10pm – just a light salad and then back to bed. Megan awakes – some watermelon and then she is out to it again.

The apartment is quiet and all are at peace.

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