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Block of birch...will soon be 3 bowls.

Bowl number one just finished.

Bowl number three being finished.

Sanding after drying.

Finished product.

The Alaska Range

Minto Flats

This raincloud travels with us.

Railroad bridge in the background.

Bridge over Tanana River. Flows 440 miles westward to the Yukon.

We seem to take a lot pics of bridges. Always means there...

How they travel around town in the winter.

I call them winter mobiles.

Town of Nenana, just under the bridge. We stopped for lunch...ate breakfast.

The resturant.

The town of Nenana. Larry thought it reminded him of his hometown...

Denali ahead?

Denalli ahead.

Our camp spot in Anderson.

View from the campsite.

Our Fairbanks neighbors for the night. Picture taken around 11:00 pm. They...

We drove from Fairbanks heading to Denali. Our reservations at Denali are for July 2nd. We decided to head out and maybe boondock somewhere close to Denali.

On our way out of town we stopped at the Alaskan Bowl Company. They manufacture wooden bowls from Birch trees. They take one 24 inch cut and manufacture 3 to 4 wood bowls from the inside (all with the same grain) of the cut using a laser. The bowls are beautiful and expensive. The pictures tell some of how they make them.

About 30 miles from Denali we saw a turn off for Clear Air Force Base that showed a campground in the little town of Anderson. The campground was at the end of the road about 8 miles from the highway by the Nanana River. The small town of Anderson Lion's Club maintains it. For $15.00 we had electricity for the night and for most of the evening we were by ourselves. We were even foolish enough to go out in the rain and wipe down the motor-home. It really needed a bath.

A few hours later we had 3 other RV's. Then came the motorhome brigade from Fairbanks. It was Friday night before the 4th of July. They showed up with their Polaris's, ATV's and dirt bikes. We thought UH OH! Actually, they were very quiet for as many that came and we got a good nights sleep. I'm sure it was zoom zoom the rest of the weekend. They were enjoying their short summer. They told us they come to the same spot in the winter with their snowmobiles.

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