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January - the road past our home

our home in January

another view

our Winnebago - waiting for the next trip

January - apple orchard across the road

January - apples and grapes

apples and sky



view east of the Santa Rosa valley

old orchard next to a new vineyard

our back yard

getting ready to remodel our kitchen

my daughter and her stepson painting in my studio

western bluebird

orchard across the road - and view east


our house in summer

summer orchard


wildflowers and blackberries

apples and wild oats

an old apple orchard next to a new vineyard

vineyard down the road

view from our front deck

view from our back deck

our back yard in summer

Trip journals have to start somewhere so we're starting this one at our house - which is in Sebastopol, California.

Unfortunately mytripjournal thinks Sebastopol is a couple hundred miles east of here, which puts it up in the Sierras someplace. For that reason we're going to borrow nearby Graton, California and call Graton our home town - until the map gets corrected.

It's really OK because we are in the Graton Fire District.

Graton used to be a tough little town that had five taverns on the main street. Back in the 1970's it was designated Murder Capital of the World because there were five shootings and stabbings in one year. (The town is so small it won the title on a 'murders-per-capita' basis).

Eventually the Yuppies moved out from the city and sort of took over the town, so these days Graton is pretty quiet - except at noon when the fire siren goes off. The Yuppie newcomers hate the siren and they're always trying to get rid of it. Personally I'd rather get rid of the Yuppies, but we live two miles from the siren and it doesn't bother us.

We've put some pictures on this page to show our surroundings, some in winter and some in the spring. This used to be apple country, and there are still a few apple orchards around, but grapes have taken over and most of the farmland is devoted to vineyards now. We often wonder 'who drinks all that wine?' But either crop is better than subdivisions - so we don't complain.

From here we'll be taking short trips in our RV, to explore this west coast we love so much. We've decided to lump them all together into one trip journal this time, and If you're interested enough to ride along, we'd love to have you join us!

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