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Huntington KOA - a WayStop location

Check-In Cabin


Space may look tight but everyone maintains your privacy


most important the 3 hookups- water, 50 amp electric and sewar disposal

MJ (aka the Princess) in her "Second Stage Jammies" walking the dogs....

They have a great feature for kids - panning for local gems/stones


You can get them all if you're patient enough


The lake has play toys/rafts

They have a much nicer tennis court than Santee State Park!

A great reminder as you pull out

Good Morning Everyone: We woke up in Huntington WV to 55 degrees temprs - fantastic!! We received some questions about our nightly en route stops so I guess this is a good time to explain. Similar to travelling long distances in your car and just fining suitable hotels/ motels along your route to your destination we also look for RV Campgrounds that fit our need. As we're driving our Navigator MJ determines the distance we can travel using the GPS and our driving capabilities. She looks up available campgrounds with certain criteria. Most important are the three C's - Convenience (near the Interstate); Cleanliness (level grass sites); and Connections (water, 50 amp electric and sewer disposal) right at the site. She'll call ahead for availability and make a reservation. After leaving The Greenbrier we travelled West about 200 miles to a KOA that had it all. A few of you mentioned the spaces looked close together but everyone maintains each other's privacy. You are actually about as close as rooms in travel motels. After checking in and at our site we level the coach with hydraulic jacks at the push of a button. While I to the three hook-ups, MJ moves out the slides; sets up the TV;s and gets the three dogs outside. We then take them for a long walk before starting dinner. KOA's generally are conveniently located and all of the above items including other amenities such as sports and play activities; dog walks; activities,attractions and shopping nearby. Last night we were able to shop nearby, refresh our supplies and have a welcomed dinner out at an Outback Steakhouse. We'll be moving on right after breakfast to another Way Stop along our route. If you have any other questions, just ask and we'll share them with everyone. Thanks, Joe

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