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So I decided to do a bit of caving here in San Ignacio and it was a lot of fun. It took about an hour by van to get to the point where we could start walking towards the caves and our group had to cross three different rivers to get to it (another 30-45 minutes I believe). Once we got to the caves we ended up swimming through the main entrance of the cave before we could start walking through it and the water was a bit on the cold side. Also, we were told to bring shoes and socks for the inner part of the cave so it was a bit of an experience to swim with steel toe boots on as they feel a lot heavier when your trying to swim around :-).

Anyway, the caves were amazing and you generally had to watch your step here as some of the rocks are quite slippery and a few are quite sharp. So when you have to crawl through certain areas of the cave (or swim through) you had to really pay attention. I was able to take some pictures as the tour guide carried all of our cameras in a dry bag. When we got to the end of the cave system (where there was very little water) I was able to take some photos which should give you a bit of an idea of what it may look like. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to take good photos in a pitch black cave but I did my best. Some of the photos ended up coming out with a spotted water/light effect but I didn't know how to get around that so please note that this is the reason that some of the pictures turned out a bit funny. Anyway, pictures for this can be found here.

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