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The Ashes

He's out!

From the media centre Lords

In the media centre

Noisy supporters

Heading out to 'brush' the pitch

weather vane and clock at Lords

Abbey Road crossing

Our multi trip travel card for London

We start the day by visiting a Post Office in Horley to get some boxes to pack and forward home. Unfortunately none of any size so on the train again and into London. We make our way to Broadway where the internet says there is a PO that opens on Saturday – sadly not – so a subway out to St. Johns Wood where we check the local PO there – closed at 12.30 and we are too late. From there we make our way to Lords and take part in a tour of the grounds.

Very interesting. Through the museum, some stands and the brand new ultra modern media centre.

The game on at the time is between Eton and Harrows (Senior college – all about 17 or 18). Light weight we think but are told that this is actually the oldest fixture at Lords and it is the only match where they have to separate the two groups of supporters. After the tour we watch some of the game – a very high standard indeed. The supporters are very rowdy with their chanting and singing echoing around the ground. Quite a repertoire of songs from When the Saints come marching in to Que Sera Sera.

We eventually make our way to Abbey Road – just a couple of blocks away and watch the visitors make their way across the pedestrian crossing – again and again. Must get the photo right although none could stay in step.

With time running out we thought we had better catch a black cab. We are always hearing how the cabs are all driven by ‘middle easterns’ or immigrants.

We beg to differ and we only saw drivers who looked very British. Our driver was practically a cockney. Chatted all the way to Hyde Park – a real pleasure.

We walk through Kensington Gardens to Prince Alberts memorial and then through Hyde Park. With such a lovely day people everywhere sunning themselves, boating, playing roller hockey on the road – the game stops when a cyclist goes through – roller lading of all types on display. We like the way the English don’t manicure the whole of the area, leaving plenty of long grass for animals and the like.

Around 7.30 I suggest we start our way home as we have quite a bit of sorting to day before tomorrow. We start the long journey home and finally arrive in Horley about 9.45 – too late for a pub meal so we try the local Chinese.

We sort out our books and clothes that we want to send home. Quite a bit of organization as we will not have Pierre much longer to spread ourselves around.

Have really enjoyed London and, like Edinburgh, we wish we had more time to take in everything.

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