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A fox on the way to the station

The Thames barrages

The tower bridge

At the tower of london

Changing of the guard at the tower

Up and away and we drive into Horley to find a park for Pierre and a train into London. Parking at a premium so we end up in a suburban street (when we can find one without yellow lines) and then a walk to the station – on the way we spy a fox coming out of one of the drive ways – very surprised to see one actually in the town.

We train into London Bridge station so we decide to do that end of town. Firstly a train out to where the barrages on the Thames are. The station we were told to alight turns out to be a little further on so we have a nice long walk along the Thames until we reach the barrages. Very surprised to read that they don’t operate much anymore – usually once a month for testing. Guess they are now only for extreme events.

We lunch there and make our way the nearest station and return to London Bridge Station. This time we make our way to Tower Bridge (what I always thought of as London Bridge) and then to the Tower of London until closing time. By then all the ‘penguins’ have finished their days work and are all making their way to various buses and trains (didn’t see any bowler hats) although a couple of brollies. We wander for a while taking in the streets and the Monument – which commemorates the London fire in whatever year – until the crowd clears and we can head home.

It is here that we learn that perhaps our place of abode is not as convenient as we thought as direct trains cease at an early time and we actually have change at another station – adding considerably to our return trip – cant win everything.

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