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The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel

Coming up the canal towards the wheel

With the relatives

We go back north first thing this morning to visit the Falkirk Wheel – a very different type of canal lock. A pair of huge ‘water toughs’ connected each end to big, big wheels which in turn are gear driven and as they rotate the ‘troughs’ are raised and lowered all the while maintaining a horizontal position.

The purpose being to drive boats and barges into the troughs, close the watertight gates and drop or raise the vessels to the next level on the canals. As the barge goes in displaced water is pumped out and nary a drop spilt on journey. Fascinating to watch – the purpose to enable watercraft to travel across Scotland. We also take a trip in a boat to experience the rotation. Good fun.

From there we travel south to the border country and to a village called Roxburgh. This is the ancestral home of Thomas Hogarth, David’s great grandfather left here 1856 for Tasmania.

Excellent agricultural country all down through Lammermuir to Teviot Dale. Journey through Kelso to Roxbough village. We search the local church and it is not long before we come across the well kept grave Thomas Hogarth who died in 1830. Washed some dust off and went across the road to a lady in her garden for some more water. She (Mrs Wain) said her husband had published a book about Roxbough and said the last Hogarth died more than ten years ago.

I asked her what was his given name and she answered ‘Oh goodness, I don’t know, we always called him Mr Hogarth’ – figures, I got mail addressed ‘Hogarth, Montumana’. Anyway we had a chat and bought the book, found another memorial stone, took photos, called into another farm – a boy told me a Hogarth owned a mill in Kelso.

So onto Eccles but couldn’t decipher many stones and vicar unavailable so came away without seeing the (elder) Hogarth who died at a ripe old age in 1825, but content in the knowledge that the site has nice crumbling old stones and trees with rabbits hopping around.

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