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The line for the ferry.

Loading the Aerbus.

She's on board.

They squeezed in a really big rig.

They are on their way!

Almost to the other side.

First one off.

Waiting for the car.

The scenery at the beginning of drive to the border.

Lots of gravel and frost heaves!.

More gravel, frost heaves and bad grading!

Even more gravel, frost heaves, bad grading and curves!

Top of the world views.

Top of the world views.

Top of the world views.

Top of the world views.

That's the border ahead.

View from vista point just before the border.

From the vista point.

The U.S., Canada border.

Line up at the border.

We are back in the U.S.!!!!

This is Alaska ahead.

Vista point at the Welcome to Alaska sign

Alaska or bust!

Oh no, Gravel!

OMG... more gravel and frost heaves!

OMG...more and more gravel looking at the road ahead.

The road behind us.

We were eating dust! .

We are in Chicken. Whoo Hoo!!

Chicken, Alaska

The Chicken.

We are out looking for a chicken sandwich.

The washroom...a.k.a outhouse.

The plywood chicken.

Today is all about driving the "Top of the World" highway. We wanted to get to the ferry before the Caravan's lined up. We planned to get gas and be unhooked and ready to go the night before. With the 24 hours of daylight - we lost track of time and the gas stations had closed at 10:00 pm. We are driving around at 11:00pm thinking it was 8:30.

We were the first in line for gas at 7:00. We did not hook up the car, being the tourist we are, we planned to take different ferry's so we could get pictures of the motorhome floating across the Yukon. A older gentleman came in the station for gas, he started to pull in next to the Motorhome and backed up. On his second try....he ran over our steps! There were four other lanes he could have gone through but decided to take 2 tries at the tight one next to the motorhome. The steps are working..after a few good kicks but are slanted. Another project to work on when we have the time. We rarely leave the steps down, it was early and no one was around. It's just more memories for our adventure.

The George Black Ferry carries passengers and vehicles across the Yukon to the beginning of the 'Top of the World Highway. The ferry runs 24 hours. The border closes at 8:00 pm. There is no where to go but to the border. If you go across in the evening you have to boon-dock and wait for the border to open. The US border is 65 miles up from the ferry.

We had no problems crossing the border. They just checked our passports asked for our vehicle registration and if the dog was current on shots.

Now we are on the US side of the border and the highway changes. We only traveled 15-20 miles per hour for over 60 miles. Almost 3 hours later and we are in famous "Chicken", Alaska. Population 23 (in the summer). Here is what waits you in Chicken - Outhouses, RV park, saloon, gift shop, a large stuff chicken on the hill and mud. We couldn't even find a chicken sandwich.

We did run into fellow traveler from Tennessee and didn't feel too alone. We now can say we have drove the 'Top of the World Highway'! Would we do it again? Don't think so!

The drive from Chicken to TOK was better. There were frost heaves and some gravel areas. We moved along at a much faster pace.

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